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The Perfect Getaway Resort

Located just outside Bengaluru at Kolar, Zion Hills Golf County is a perfect getaway especially in these pandemic fatigued days. The homely villas located around the vast green expanses of the golf course provide a safe home away from home to work from or relax and celebrate with close family or friends, Zion Hills offers an eclectic mix of indulgences to suit almost any interest.

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The Ronald Fream designed world class golf course, set in Bangalore’s idyllic golfing weather offers a golfing experience that can challenge experts and yet inspire learners. Apart from the golf course, the Golf Academy at Zion Hills with its state of the art facilities and world class coaches is a perfect venue to learn the game, whether one is a beginner looking to make a start or a single digiter seeking to up the game! Call us for stay and play / stay and learn packages.

Dining & BBQ

The restaurant at Zion Hills offers a wide range of foods from a variety of South and North Indian fares to Burgers & BBQs. Gyros, Donners, salads, and such are also on offer for the calorie-conscious. The range of outdoor, indoor, and semi-outdoor venues combined with our friendly culinary experts makes the dining experiences at Zion Hills a real treat to enjoy. Romantic open-air candle light dinners, lake side picnic lunches, trying your hand at BBQ at a campsite, or private dining in your villa are all possibilities at Zion Hills.


The lakes in Zion Hills span about 10 acres of deep waters that are awaiting to find your ideal fishing spot. Our luxury condos and villas offer the perfect doorstep fishing break.

Running & Cycling

With 5 to 6 kms of tree-lined paved roads in a gated compound, oxygen rich air and lush green surrounds, running and cycling are popular indulgences at Zion Hills. The rustic roads and trails around Zion Hills offer longer and more adventurous options for those not wishing to be confined within the walls.

Sky Gazing

Zion Hills with its spectacularly colourful skylines and unpolluted starlit skies above is a star gazers dream. The mix of clear skies above and the secure modern day comforts within, makes Zion Hills uniquely attractive to watch any celestial drama or just soak in a regular star filled sky or the rising sun. Choose from our options of homely villas or secure camp sites to stay in while you awaken your astronomical enthusiasm.

Bird Watching

The transformation of the location from a Eucalyptus plantation to a diverse ecosystem has made Zion Hills a paradise for birds and bird watchers. More than 50 varieties of birds ranging from the Spotted Owlet and Indian Pond Heron to the White Throated Kingfisher and Black Hooded Oriole are regularly spotted at Zion Hills. Wake that birding curiosity in you to explore the birdwatcher trail around Zion Hills.


The expansive 250 acres of Zion Hills offer secure camping locations for bonding over a bonfire and barbecue. The camp site comes equipped with tents and other accessories. Our friendly team is also on hand to make your stay under the stars truly an enjoyable one. Advance reservation required.

Outdoor Sports

Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball and many more activities at Zion Hills offer avenues for team building and bonding over some sporting fun.


Zion Hills offers a wide array of casual gaming indulgences ranging from archery, darts, grass bowling and many more.


Zion Hills is surrounded by several vast lakes. While many of the lakes had dried up, recent measure of restoration undertaken by the Government are bringing them back to their glory. The historic manmade Bethamangala lake, built around the year 1900 by a New York based company was once home to the Bethamangala Sailing Club, a popular hangout for the British residents of that time

Activities around Zion Hills

The pleasures of Zion Hills are not restricted to its four walls alone. The neighbourhood offers plenty of opportunities to explore history or religion or adventure.


Please refer to this guide to explore the neighbourhood.

Kolar Gold Fields

Kolar Gold Fields, located about 20 km from Zion Hills, was India’s most significant gold mining location. The now silent mines and the mining town with its historic Gymkhana Club, Asia’s first Electric Sub Station, remnant Cyanide Hills, a 150 year old golf course etc to name a few, offer more than a glimpse of a bygone era of colonialism and mining.


KGF Gymkhana was the first club established in Kolar Gold Fields and is fourth oldest golf club in India. It has a regal colonial ambience, now more than a century old, was built of stones quarried from the area itself, with beautiful teak wood doors and windows. The club is equipped with a Bar, Shuttle Court, Billiards, Tap Dance Floor and other indoor sports.


Electricity sub station : From the inception of the mines in 1880 until the year 1902 all machinery in KGF were worked by steam power. it was the first 700 KW Hydro Electric Power station in Asia launched by British Resident General Donald Robertson in Mysore which transmitted power to KGF On 30th June 1902 from the Cauvery Falls power station at Shivanasumudaram through longest transmission line of 80 Miles.


Cyanide Hill : The gold mining process at the KGF Mines that generated 32 million tones of waste had been dumped in 16 locations. These dumps are the accumulation of the slurry waste and residue that was piped out of the mills, after the gold was extracted from the ore. The residue slowly hardened over time and formed huge hills around all the mines in KGF of soft fine dust. Around one lakh saplings i.e 40,000 agave and aloe vera, 40,000 honge (Pongamia pinnata) and 20,000 grass seeds were planted on the mounds. Manure produced from the waste generated in Bengaluru was procured to nourish them. Many film shootings have been done on these hills.



Zion Hills was earlier called Champion Reef, named after the deepest mine (3230 m deep) in KGF and the second deepest mine in the world.


Within a 30 minute drive of Zion Hills are a number of functioning and well kept temples dating from the 3rd century.

Kotilingeshwara Temple, with the presiding deity of Lord Shiva . in the village of Kammasandra in KGF ,has one of the largest Lingams in the world. Started in 1972 with one shivlinga by Shri Shri Shamba Shiva Murthy, with now the main attractions being a huge linga measuring 108 ft (33 m) tall and 35 ft (11 m) tall  and Lord Nandi  idol, surrounded by lakhs of small lingas spread over an area of 15 acres (61,000 m2).


Avani temple : Avani is one of the few temples dedicated to Sitadevi in India. There is a belief that the sage Valmiki, the author of the epic Ramayana, was residing here during the period of Ramayana. Sitadevi lived here in his ashram while in exile. Sitadevi gave birth to her twin children Lava-Kusha here. Even today the room where Sita gave birth to her children exists. The war between Sri Rama and his sons Lava and Kusha happened in this village.


The Kolar Gold Fields area nearby has a rich history of British presence. Kolar Gold Fields is said to have more than 200 churches of various denominations. Churches in the area date back a couple of centuries, some still preserving their original architecture.


St. Michael’s and All Angels’ Church, located at Oorgaum, Kolar Gold Fields is one of the oldest churches in KGF. Construction of the church commenced on 8th October 1903 and opened in the year 1905. The construction of the Church was based on the Victorian Architectural type.

Our Mother of Mines Shrine Church, Oorgaum : This Roman Catholic Church was solemnly dedicated on 25th October 1953 by his grace Thomas Pothacamury, D.D., Archbishop of Bangalore erected after the destruction of the original church by a rock burst on 23rd January 1952.



The rocky hills around Kolar rising more than a 1000 ft high offers trekking opportunities of various difficulty levels.

Farm visits

The farms in Kolar are a major source of supply of vegetables and fruits to Bengaluru. Take a trip to one of the farms around Zion Hills and pluck your own supply of guavas or tomatoes or beans or other local produces

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